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Exotic Shorthair cat

Exotic Shorthair cat is a breed of cat developed to be a shorthaired Persian cat. In 1950, some American Shorthair breeders use Persian as an outcross.

Exotic Shorthair cat is a breed of cat developed to be a shorthaired Persian cat

This was done in secret in order to improve the body type of Persian and crosses were also made with the Russian Blue and the Burmese.

American Shorthair breeders successfully produced a new breed that was considered as an American Shorthair.

Compare to Persian cat they are similar in flat nose and face with the exceptions of the short dense coat, conformation and temperament.

In the year 1966, CFA judge and Jane Martinke the American Shorthair breeder to recognize exotic shorthair as a new breed and given a name Exotic Shorthair.

Some Exotics may carry a copy of the recessive longhair gene Because of the regular use of Persian as outcrosses.

When two such cats mate there is a chance from 4 of each offspring 1 being longhaired. According to CFA, longhaired Exotics are not considered Persians.

Buy only exotic shorthair cat which is approved by The International Cat Association. According to the American Cat Fanciers Association, they are separate Exotic Longhair breed.

If you like the Persian cats but don’t want to face the thought of daily grooming then buy Exotic Shorthair. They were developed through crosses between American Shorthairs and Persians.

Their face is round shaped and the body type is same a Persian but they are livelier. Their height is between 10 to 12 inches and Weight is between 7 to 12 pounds and Life Expectancy is between 8 to 15 years.

They communicate with their expressive eyes and his soft and melodious voice. They are adaptable and they will enjoy living with a family as long as they love him.

They were originally intended to be a silver cat and they were going to be called as the Sterling, but today he is found in all the same colours and patterns as the Persian.

Their ages slowly, they do not reach maturity until two years of age and enters puberty fairly late. When two of these cats are crossed then there is a chance of one kitten may carry long-haired, which is called as Exotic Longhairs by the “Cat Fanciers’ Association”.

They are a brachycephalous breed, which means that their problems result from having the nose and eyes in close proximity to each other and giving the appearance of a pushed-in face.

They enjoy sleeping in your bed and they like to sleep in cooler places like tiles and in taller places, etc.

Exotic cat breeds

This breed is one of the beautiful breeds in the world and it has a gentle and calm personality. They don’t like being left alone and need the presence of their owner.

They are generally livelier than their longhaired ancestors and they are Curious and playful.

They are friendly to other cats and dogs and they are more loyal and affectionate than other breeds and make excellent lap cats.

They are often capable mouse hunters and Their calm, steady nature makes them ideal apartment cats for city dwellers.

  1. Persian cat
  2. Bengal cat
  3. Siamese cat
  4. Himalayan cat

In 1950, they were used as an outcross secretly by some American Shorthair breeders. In 1966 the CFA to recognize them as a new breed under the name Exotic Shorthair.

Some Exotics may carry a copy of the recessive longhair gene, it is possible when two such cats mate, there is a one in four chance of each offspring being longhaired.

If customers can see this cat they can say that it looks like a Persian but it has short hair. In our modern globe, the cat has become a popular pet.

The popularity of the Persian has been evident for many years and they are best kept indoors and do well in an apartment or a house.

Each year, Many cats are registered in CFA which is boasts in the largest class in shows and The Persian represents as the largest class in shows and boasts.

Persian cat required daily grooming to maintain their beautiful coat. If any person who can like the look of a Persian but do not have a time for the daily grooming demands they can buy Exotics cat it is the best-kept secret of the cat fancy.

The coat of this cat is unique to the breed and gives them a soft, rounded, teddy bear look and the coat has a thick, dense, plush, short coat.

The Exotic is an ideal breed that produces a quiet, peaceful, sweet and loyal companion. They are just as playful and fun-loving compare to other breeds.

These types of cat will jump in owners lap to curl up for a nap or push their wet nose right into owners face and Some of the cats like to sit on owner’s shoulder and hug owner when owner-pet them.

They like to sleep in cool places like the bricks on the hearth or on the tiled floor and they feel very comfortable to have in the house.

Exotic shorthair cat price

Purebred cats are expensive but short hair is a little bit inexpensive. You get shorthair cats in $1500 to $2000.

Some breeders also charge $500 and You get shorthair kittens under $700.

Exotic cat rescue

Most of the pets in rescues are healthy and well-behaved. They are in the shelter through no fault of their own.

Animals in rescue are lovable, active and healthy and they are waiting for someone who takes them home. Cats in the rescue centre are well trained.

Many people are going to the pet shop and buying the cats and kittens but they don’t realize that the same type of cats is available in a local shelter.

When you open your house for an adopted cat who needs help then they appreciate their rest of life with you.

When you adopt them then you become their hero. Don’t buy cats from the pets store because most of the pet stores get their cats from kitten mills.

Kitten mills is a large breeding operation and it is a factory farm for pets. In kitten mills, pets are kept in small cages and forced to breed at unhealthy rates.


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