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Himalayan cat




The Himalayan cat is also known as the Himmy and the Colorpoint Persian.The Himalayan is one of the most popular breeds in Persian cat. The Himalayan cat are mostly shown in following point color chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, red, cream tortie, blue-cream, chocolate-tortie, lilac-cream, seal lynx, blue lynx, red lynx, cream lynx, tortie lynx, blue-cream lynx, chocolate lynx, lilac lynx, chocolate-tortie lynx and lilac-cream lynx. Its body is always white to pale fawn, and the color-points are distributed evenly on the ears, face, legs, and tail.


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Himalayans were developed by breeding Persians cat to Siamese cat to combine the Persian type with Siamese point coloring. After many years of a cross-breedingHimalayan cat were approved as accepted color variations of Persians. They have brilliant, bright blue eyes and small, perky ears. These cat has deep vivid blue eyes other than blue are a disqualification. It is a medium to large-sized cat with a stout, cobby body set on short,heavily-boned legs. Himalayan cats are not born with their full color-points but instead develop them as they age. As a result, adults are usually darker than kittens.


Keep these types of Persian cat inside the door because it safe from transmission of disease and parasites as well as the dangers of urban life. Persian cat can easily live 15 year and some of them 20 year. A well-bred Persian is a hardy and healthy cat and is not prone to illness and respiratory infections compare to other breeds.  The cat which have large eyes it means certain amount of tearing is normal and they recommend face wash daily.

Interested in the history of the Himalayan cat breeders

Himalayan cat breeders

In 1924, Himalayans were developed by breeding with Persians cat to Siamese cat to combine the Persian type with Siamese point coloring By Swedish geneticist. The first pointed pattern longhair was born In 1935. In the early 1930s, Two Harvard medical employees crossed a Siamese female with a black Persian male but they were not successful to create a new breed but to establish how certain characteristics were inherited. This mating produced a litter black shorthaired kittens and then They can breed a black Persian female with a Siamese male but the result was comes same. This is not surprising since long hair and the colorpoint pattern are both governed by recessive genes. Both parents have to possess the genes in order for the traits to be expressed in the offspring.

By crossing a female from the second litter with a male from the first then they produced a Debutante which have color pattern and the long hair of the Persian and body type is like Siamese cat. This Debutante looked more like today’s Balinese. Harvard employees having learned what they wanted to know about genetics and they ended their experiment. Finally, in 1950 American breeder Marguerita Goforth succeeded in creating the long hair Persian like colorpoint. In 1957, the CFA and the ACFA recognized this breed as new breed and give the name as a Himalayan cat, after other colorpoint animals such as the Himalayan rabbit.

Himalayan cat price

Himalayan cat-price

The Himalayan cat is one of the top ten breeds in the United States. It were developed by breeding with Persians cat to Siamese cat to combine the Persian type with Siamese point coloring. In Iran, this breed has long fur with distinct markings on its ears, legs, and face. According to CFA, it is a Persian breed and it have round faces and short thick necks. The cost of Himalayan is depended upon geographical location, the age of the cat, the quality, gender, and breeder.
It has cost from $300 to as much as $1,200 for a kitten younger than eight weeks old. CFA certified Himalayan can be in the $900 to $1,200 range. If this cat older than one year old then it will available at price less than $200. If you can buy non registered cats from backyard breeder will be in the $300 to $600 range. Some breeders may also personally deliver the cat at your home and from the airline, most will ship for $200 to $400. If you can buy healthy cat than it will have cost between $600 to $800.


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