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Ragdoll cat

Ragdoll cat has a large and muscular longhair with a soft and silky coat. They need grooming to ensure their fur and they do not mat, Like all long-haired cats.

Ragdoll cat has a large and muscular longhair with a soft and silky coat

The name Ragdoll is derived from the tendency of individuals from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a distinct colour-point coat.

In 1960s American breeder, Ann Baker developed the cat and it is known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature.

In the UK and US, they are very popular and it is known as dog-like cat and puppy like the cat because of their behaviour.

Their behaviour is to follow people around, relative lack of aggression toward other pets and ease at being physically handled.

Ragdoll cat price

They are a very beautiful breed and they come in many quality. The average price of ragdoll is between $400 to $500.

The superior quality of cats is available at $900 to $1200 and go up.

Black and white Ragdoll cat

Mostly these cat has seen in six different colours which are red, seal, chocolate and the corresponding dilute, blue, lilac, and cream.

Ragdoll kittens have good colour at 8 to 10 weeks and they are born white and full colour and coat at 3 to 4 years.

They come in another two variations which are lynx and tortoiseshell variations in all colours and the three patterns. The three different patterns are colour-point, Mitted and Bicolour.

  1. Persian cat
  2. Himalayan cat
  3. Exotic Shorthair cat
  4. Siamese cat
  5. Bengal cat

In Colour-point pattern One colour darkening at the nose, ears, tail and paws. The Matted pattern is same as pointed but with white paws and abdomen.

Matted one comes With or without a blaze, which is a white line or spot on the face. They also have a belly stripe, which is a white stripe that runs from the chin to the genitals and a white chin.

Bicolour pattern has a white inverted V on the face white leg, white abdomen and sometimes white patches on the back. They have more amount of white colour and it is also known as the Van pattern.

Ragdoll cat rescue and adoption

Most of the pets in rescue and shelter are healthy, active and well-behaved. They come in the shelter due to no fault of their own.

Animals in rescue and shelter are lovable, active and healthy. They are waiting for someone who takes them home and takes care of theirs.

Cats in the rescue centre are well trained. Many people are going and buying cats and kittens from a pet shop but they don’t realize that the same type of cats is available in a local shelter.

When you open your house for an adopted cat who needs help then they appreciate their rest of life with you.

When you adopt them then you become their hero. Adopt pets from rescues or shelter and Don’t buy cats from the pets store.

Most of the animals in the pet stores get their cats from kitten mills. Kitten mills is a large breeding operation and it is a factory farm for pets.

In kitten mills, Female cats are forced to do mating and made several litters per year, which are extremely dangerous, unnatural and cruel for cats.

Pets are kept in small cages in kitten mills and forced to breed at unhealthy rates. They are not paying attention to the health and temperament issues such as overbreeding issues.

Overbreeding issues often cause lifetime problems in the cats and it is very dangerous. Adopt Ragdoll from a rescue organization and shelter.

Ragdoll cat personality

They are very beautiful cats and their floppy, relaxed good nature gives the Ragdoll his name. They are obedient, gentle cats and their eyes are striking blues.

Their semi-longhaired coat comes in a variety of patterns and colours and it is easy to groom. They are a friendly cat and they will greet you happily at the door, play fetch and sleep with you at night.

They are extremely docile, which makes them a great pet for families and children. Their voice is very soft and they play without being aggressive or destructive.

They are obedient and affectionate and like fetching things and learning new tricks. When They also follow you to the door and will greet strangers, if asked to.

Ragdoll cat breed

They are a very beautiful breed in the world. This breed was created in the year 1960s from matings of three cats of unknown heritage.

This breed now comes in four patterns which are mitted, van, bicolour and colour-point. They come in six colours which are a seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream and variety of looks in the breed.

They mature slowly, reaching their full size when they are four years old. They are well suited to any house with people who will love him and give his coat a weekly combing.

Keep these breed inside the house to protect them from cars, types of diseases which is spread by other cats and other wild animals.

This breed is loving people, including kids and they can get along well with dogs. They can live to be 12 to 15 years or more than it.

Their weight is up to 20 pounds and They need to be supported with both hands when they are being held. They are social and happily spend time in the house and rarely wander out on their own.

Ragdoll kittens

A kitten is a juvenile cat and after being born, they are totally dependent on their mother for survival. After seven to eight days of birth, they normally open their eyes.

Two weeks after, they develop and start to explore the world outside the nest. After two to four weeks, they start eating food and grow adult teeth. Domestic kittens are social animals and they enjoy human companionship.

They are white at birth but their colour changes by after 10 days and their points and patterns make an appearance. When their age is approximately 4 years old then They reach their full weight.

When the cat is 2 to 3 years old then their coat colour and length fully develop and reaching peak display.


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