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Siamese cat


The Siamese cat is an first Asian cat recognized breed. the Siamese is one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America in the 19th century. According to Wichianmat landrace, varieties of cat located in Thailand known as Siam. It  is characterized by blue almond-shaped eyes and shape of head is triangular and ears are large and body of cat are elongated, slender, and muscular body and point colouration. siamese cat bears little resemblance to the original stock and more moderate and traditional with rounder head and body. It has been re-established by multiple registries as the Thai cat and it  tend to seek human interaction and also like companionship from other cats. The TICA describes modern Siamese as social, intelligent and playful into adulthood, often enjoying a game of fetch.

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The Siamese cat comes in two different variations one is traditional which have apple-shaped head and slightly chubby body and another is modern Siamese which have a large head and skinny body. This cat is more stereotypical and iconic.

Health of Siamese cat

According to Vet clinic data from England, these Cats are live 14.2 years.
According to Swedish insurance data, Siamese breeds have a higher rate of mortality compared to other breeds. It can live 10 and 12.5 years in which 68% of cats are live 10 years and 42% of cats are live 12.5 years. Siamese Scooter which was live 30 years and holds the record as the world’s oldest male cat. Many of these Cats are death because of caused by neoplasms and mammary tumors and They are at higher risk of neoplastic and gastrointestinal problems. it have a lower risk of feline lower urinary tract disease and has a higher rate of morbidity.

According to PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) the Abyssinian, the Somali and the Siamese cat is related to a mutation on the rdAc-gene for which a DNA-test is available. The mutation in the tyrosinase also results in abnormal neurological connections between the brain and the eye.


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