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Siamese cat

Siamese cat is a first Asian cat recognized breed. It is one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America in the 19th century.

siamese cat

Varieties of these cats are in Thailand and it is known as Siam. It bears more moderate and traditional  with rounder head and body.

Mostly, it characterized by its blue eyes and shape of its eyes is like an almond and head of its triangular-shaped and ears are large and body elongated, slender and muscular and point colouration.

It has been re-established by multiple registries such as the Thai cat. It tend to seek human interaction and companionship from other cats.

The TICA describes modern Siamese as social, intelligent and playful into adulthood, often enjoying a game of fetch. It is more stereotypical and iconic.

It comes in two different variations, one is traditional and another one is modern. Traditional have a apple-shaped head and slightly chubby body. Modern Siamese have a large head and skinny body.

  1. Persian cat
  2. Bengal cat

According to Vet clinic data from England, these Cats are live 14.2 years. It can live 10 to 13 years in which 68% of cats are live 10 years and 42% of cats are live 13 years.

According to Swedish insurance data, Siamese breeds have a higher rate of mortality compared to other breeds. Siamese Scooter was live 30 years and holds the record as the world’s oldest male cat.

Many of these Cats died because of caused by neoplasms and mammary tumors and They are at higher risk of neoplastic and gastrointestinal problems.

It has a lower risk of feline, lower urinary tract disease and it has a higher rate of morbidity.

According to Progressive Retinal Atrophy, the Somali and the Siamese cat related to a mutation on the rdAc-gene for which a DNA-test is available.

The mutation in the tyrosinase also results in abnormal neurological connections between the brain and the eye.

Black Siamese Cat

Actually, Black Siamese Cat is not present. It comes in colour like Chocolate, Seal, Lilac, Blue, Red, Cream, Fawn and Cinnamon.

Genetically a seal point Siamese is a black cat. Asian or Foreign Short hair cat is the black cat with the Siamese temperament and body shape.

Black Oriental produced by breeding of caramel Oriental with seal point Siamese and it registered as an Oriental.

Siamese cat rescue centre

Rescue cat are those cat which are no longer able to cared. Siamese Rescue website is a non-profit Rescue Organizations and it provides a group of individually operated these organizations.

It gives people’s opportunity to engage in a common purpose and come together at one Internet presence.

There are 501 non-profit corporation and in that 24,990 Siamese are present and waiting for new owner, who take care of it.

These corporation has its own Board, policies and ways but they working towards with a common goal that to rescue homeless Siamese cats and give them good home.

Siamese cat names

Famous names of These cats are Tao, DC: Darn Cat, Skippyjon or skippy, Si, Am, Koko, Yum-Yum and Sagwa.

It’s another popular female name which Inspired by Thailand are Ploy, Nan, May, Fern, Mild, Nam, Sudarat, Noon, Kanokwan, Beam, Jane, Fah, Arisa, Aom, Pim, June, Nutcha, Bow and Praew.

It’s Popular name which inspired by Thailand are Benz, Nattapong, Sarawut, Tanawat, New, Gan, Nut, Chatchai, Sirichai, Teerapat, Panupong and Peerapat and these are male kittens name.

It Mythical Names are Apollo, Aries, Athena, Hermes, Mercury, Cleopatra, Medusa, Saffron, Olympia, Loki, Hera, Pandora, Adonis, Zeus and Aphrodite.

It’s fun names are Smokey, Baby, Sammy, Blue, Buddy, Bandit, Sassy, Sasha, Angel and Jasmine.

Siamese cat personality

It is very beautiful and intelligent cat and it can walk on a lead when it can well-trained. It relies heavily on human companionship.

It can handled carefully but when it shown love, patience and care then it makes an ideal companion. They are patient and proactive with children.

They are intelligent, affectionate, inquisitive, loyal, trainable and playful. They are also noteworthy for their cleanliness.

When you own it then you can’t leave him alone, you love him very much and they are very addictive.

They are extremely intelligent and this makes them easily trainable. They will quickly learn anything and if you called him they come.

They can taught tricks and games such as sit, up/stand, shake a paw, fetch, hide and seek. They love discovering their own tricks such as opening cupboards and drawers door.

Siamese cat price

The price of kittens is $400 to $600.

Siamese cat types

The different types of Siamese are found by their colour and their shape of body is similar. It’s body is slender, elegant and flexible.

The colour of their coat is creamy, white and dark brownish-grey. The different colours in these kittens are lilac point, cream point, chocolate point, blue point, seal point, red point, tabby point and tortie point.

Lilac point is light grey kitten and this colour is very beautiful and the fur of him darkens with age.

Cream point is the kitten with cream colour or light orange fur and Cream or ivory fur which is more common than orange.

Many kittens are very white when they born but after three months their colour changes. Chocolate point is light brown.

Seal point is dark brown. Blue point is dark grey coat. Red point have dark orange coats and it is unusual colour.

Tabby point have a striped, tabby pattern in their fur. Tortie point is the name given to kitten which have reddish spots.

Siamese cat facts

It is an old breed and many people says that they were the pets of royalty and some people believe that they raised by Buddhist monks.

An US president owned a Siamese. They brought in America in the 19th century. Some people says that they appeared first time in U.S. courtesy of an American naval officer, who picked up two cats while on duty in Southeast Asia.

It appeared in world’s first major cat show. It was world fattest cat.
A Siamese give birth to 19 kittens. It has the poetic name in his native place.


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