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We have specially trained staff to answer questions from reception staff and placement groups. If you are a Rescue Center or Placement Group and want to learn how to use or need technical assistance with your pet account.

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Contact directly the animal welfare organization that cares for this pet. This information can be found under the photo of the animal on the home page or on the group description page. Do not contact for individual pets. We have no information other than that posted on their page, so contacting us may delay your search and be time-critical.

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Thank you for your efforts to help this animal. Read our tips for finding a pet home first. This library article will walk you through the process of finding the right home. Consult our list of adoption groups to find an adoption group near you. Contact them directly to see if they can provide assistance.

Do you need more information about our hiring policy? (Example: how much does it cost to adopt a pet? Can I adopt out of state?)

Adoption policies vary widely between shelters, so don’t contact for specific information about your local adoption group. I’ll be late to contact you! Contact the reception or placement group directly . If you are interested in a specific pet, contact the organization sponsoring that pet. Contact information can be found just below the pet photo on each pet description page.

Adoption costs range from $ 5 to hundreds of dollars. Services also range from nothing to full vaccination, sterilization / neutralization, and temperament / training. In most cases, the cost of adoption is less than the actual cost of caring for a pet in a shelter. Some groups do not adopt outside their communities and many want to do a “home check” as part of the adoption process.

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We welcome links to We help you adopt your pet! Then visit the information page. You can choose from the links below (including the Quick Pet Search module). You can also check out the new Featured Animals module. This module allows you to view pets available in your area directly on your home page. does not have a links page, but if there is a service you would like to promote, do so on message boards or contact your local hideaway to see if the service is advertised on their local homepage.

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