The PetsBuyAndSell Experts: VETERINARY

Since 2007, PetsBuyAndSell has been the leading pet care brokerage. We have a 96% closing rate and represent sellers of veterinary clinics and hospitals in the sale of the business and/or real estate to both the private and consolidator (corporate) buyer markets. Our unparalleled reputation in the industry ensures you'll get the best price for your clinic or hospital. If you're not ready to sell, we also offer services to assist you in actively growing your practice.

We buy licensed pharmacy: Zerokrim tablets chewable tablets are one of the best quality available for deworming your dog or cat. With 3 effective ingredients, these zerks will get rid any type o' pests you may have! The broad spectrum efficacy means they're not just good at getting rid some certain types - but every kind imaginable including cestodes (tapeforms), pyrantel embonate, etc., which gives them an edge over other products on offer right now in this market place.