Bengal Cat Facts: Breed Information, Pictures, Behavior and Care

We could say that the Bengali or Bengal cat is like a leopard or a miniature tiger with the wild spirit, but with the calm, closeness, and affection that a domestic cat can give you. Let’s not forget that it is a large cat because of its osseous constitution, so it will not be unusual for it to weigh between 7 and 9 kilos in weight. If you want to adopt a Bengal kittens, then you must know what is a Bengal cat and how does hey behave. This article completely gives you an idea about these Bengal cat personality and nature.

They are hybrid cats, this means that the Bengal cat is the result of crossing a domestic cat and a leopard cat (feline of Asian origin) back in the year 1963. They have a robust and muscular body, smooth skin and striped pattern with shapes very characteristic. Its open and playful nature, with a tendency to investigate everything and a special predilection for water, make this cat a very special animal.

Most of us the people think that Bengal cat hypoallergenic cats or not. We cannot say it perfectly because every cat is not hypoallergenic, but it depends on the surroundings of the cat. You can see what is hypoallergenic and know about these types of cats. But before that, you can see the Bengal house cat and its behavior that is mentioned below in our article.

Bengal Cat, Elegant and Unique

Currently, the Bengal cat is one of the most desired cats, and it can only be acquired through its purchase, but it is very important that if you make that decision you always do it responsibly. If you take that step and want to have a cat of these characteristics, it is very significant that you do it in an official Bengal cattery like Lepardland Bengal, with the maximum guarantees of purity and sanitary.

A worldwide selection of the most beautiful bloodlines white Bengal cat exists along with an exquisite care for the health of each kitten, and they should be the priority when looking for the place to acquire your Bengal cat or munchkin cats kittens.

In addition, the delivery conditions of the puppy are very significant. They must have an international passport with all vaccinations up to date and DNA analysis against congenital and viral diseases, microchip, be registered and recognized in the feline association and of course accompanied by their pedigree which will guarantee the purity and that the cat is really what you are buying. It requires the purchase contract with all the data of the Bengal cat breeders (zoological center, Registration in Club Feline, DNI) together with all the conditions and guarantees of the kitten and stay with the breeder, for all your doubts.

bengal cat size

Meditate on it because it is going to be a responsibility that you must assume without compensation. You must take care of him and procure a life with you of affection, understanding, and attention. This is not negotiable. Having said that we are going to talk about the characteristics of the Bengal cat, its personality, curiosities, and care.

Colors of Bengal cat

His coat tabby is unique and very striking in this cat. With soft hair, delicate, thick and very short. The colors range from ocher, orange to cream, through yellow and its spots, also called “rosettes” of brown and dark tones. It has the tip of the black tail and the Trinity and mottled pads.

bengal kittens

Origin of Bengal cats

It is due to the crossing between a leopard cat native to Asia and a domestic tabby cat, obtaining the wild and adventurous side of the first but the tranquility and closeness of the second. The International Cat Association recognized him as a breed in 1991.

A very Personal Meow

The Bengal cat has a very special meow and unlike any other domestic cat shorter and closed, even similar to the big cats. It is prone to make strange or strange noises.

Strong Personality and Adventurous Character

The Bengal cat is above all playful, with a strong character that will always lead him to investigate and be active. He loves to eat, demands action and attention and adapts very well to living as a family, although his wild side will sometimes lead him to commit some mischief. It needs more exterior space than other domestic cats. It gets along well with other cats and pets.

Water? They Love Bengal Cats.

Unlike many cats, they like water, and it is not uncommon that living outside if they see a puddle or wet area and do not hesitate to get involved. They are good swimmers, undoubtedly a legacy of Asian leopard cats who are great fishermen.

bengal house cat

Size of the Bengal cat

Bengal cat size are muscular cats, with strong and agile bones. Their hind legs are well-developed and allow them to take great leaps. They are medium-sized cats that can weigh between 8 and 10 kilos. You can see the kitten size chart and know more about the cat sizes.

Bengal Cat Care

The Bengal cat does not require as much care as for example the Persian cats or other races like the Sphinx. It will be enough with a good diet and to be able to be rich in quality proteins, a regular brushing of his soft hair and a lot of love and attention especially to play with him because he loves to play.

The leopard cat

The shape of the head is rounded and finely shaped at the tip, with a strong and wide jaw. Their little ears are small, very similar to those of the Asian leopard. The eyes of the cat Bengal are especially beautiful of honey or almond, of all yellowish and pulling green.

bengal cat personality

This is the Bengal cat, a cat that keeps inside the essence of a wild genetics that demands affection and activity and perfect if you can also have an outdoor area where you can run, jump and play as he likes. If you see the Bengal cat full-grown, then you can expect that pet to play with you like a tiger.


A cat that also does not require more care than those of a short haired cat and that if you procured attention and a good diet, you can live healthy and strong for many years. Tell us about your experience with the Bengal cat if you are lucky enough to share your life with this beautiful cat. If you want to know more information about the pet cats then you can visit caused website. Share your feelings if you have a pet cat.

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