How To Adopt Or Foster A Dog Or Cat During The COVID-19 Crisis


Are you looking to adopt a new furry friend during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Many shelters and rescues are still operating and have plenty of pets available for adoption. The process may look a little different than usual, but it’s still possible to find your perfect match.

Start by checking out available pets online. Many shelters and rescues have websites with lists of adoptable animals. Once you find a few that interest you, reach out to the shelter or rescue group for more information on their current procedures.

Due to social distancing guidelines, many groups are conducting video interviews or doing curb-side adoptions. If you’re comfortable with the process, let them know you’re ready to adopt! Adopting is one of the best ways to help shelters in need during this difficult time.

New Pet Adoption Processes During COVID-19

There are several ways shelters have adapted their pet adoption processes during COVID-19, including:

-Many shelters are now doing virtual adoptions, where potential adopters can browse pets online and then schedule a time to meet them in person.

-Some shelters offer contactless adoptions, where the adopter does not need to interact with the animal before taking them home physically.

-Many shelters require potential adopters to fill out an online application before meeting with them.

Shelters have had to get creative to continue finding animals’ homes during the pandemic. If you’re thinking about adopting a pet, be sure to check with your local shelter to see what their process is.

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