The Basics Of Cat Grooming

A Primer on Cat Grooming

As a cat owner, you know that some cats require more grooming than others. Generally, the more fur a cat has, the more grooming she will need. Senior cats require more grooming because they groom themselves less meticulously. If you acclimate your cat to the grooming process as early as possible, grooming can be incident-free. If your cat simply won’t allow you to groom her, find yourself a professional groomer.


Frequent brushing is essential to keep your cat from getting hairballs, which can sometimes require surgery to remove. Brush shorthaired cats at least once weekly and longhaired cats at least every other day. When the warm weather hits in the spring, you may need to groom more often as your cat sheds her winter coat.

A de-shedding tool is especially effective at removing hair, but care should be taken when using it. Don’t start by enthusiastically raking your cat’s backbone. Gently stroke her, then draw the brush across the very top of her coat without catching any hair in the teeth or bristles.

Don’t assume that what works for one will work for all. You may have to try several different brush or comb types before finding one that works well on a particular cat.’

Removing Mats

Mats are painful to yourcat and can restrict movement, so they should be removed as soonas you notice them.

Ifyou brushyour longhairedcat every other day ,itwill obviatetheneedto remove mats.

But inevitably ,everylonghairedcatwill develop them ,andyou’ll needto beadeptat removing themwithout harmingyourcat .

The safestwayto remove mats iswithclippers .Havea helper holdthecatsupervisewhileyou shaveawaythemat.

Ifyour cathasa numberof mats ,it’s much easierandsaferto takehertoprofessionalgroomer .

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