Happy Tail: How One Day Can Change Everything


We never thought we’d be the type of people to adopt a dog. But then we met Dabbs.

Dabbs is a Pit Bull mix who was rescued from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. We went to the shelter “just for fun and definitely not to adopt a dog,” but as soon as we saw her, we knew she was coming home with us.

Tommy and I had been talking about starting a family, but we weren’t quite ready for kids yet. So when we brought Dabbs home, she became our instant family member. And she fit into our lives perfectly – even though we were worried that having a dog would be too much work.

But Dabbs has been nothing but obedient and sweet since day one. She loves going on runs with Tommy and me (she’s the perfect size for life in Brooklyn!) and greets us at the door every day with her tail wagging. We can’t imagine life without her now!

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